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Flourish Economics


Democratising economic thinking and radicalising the rest.


If you think it's easier to imagine the end of the world
than the end of capitalism, we should talk.


Flourish Economics wants to radicalise economic thinking.

But the problems of our world run so much deeper than just economics.

Collectively we need to unlearn what we've been told about people, economics and our communities. This means coming together to write new stories about what we want our lives to look like. This means letting go of colonial ways of thinking based on extraction and exploitation and moving to systems that are regenerative, based on solidarity and reciprocity.

This means going deep and questioning the values and desires our cultures promote, connecting with our own values and reconnecting to nature. This won't be easy but it will be rewarding.

We can break the myths of mainstream economics, explore emerging alternative economic models and return to ancestral wisdom to dream of our utopia. We can join the dots together to understand how capitalism, patriarchy, racism, imperialism and colonialism have collided to create the polycrises we face today.

My Story

Flourish Economics was set up out of frustration with the status quo. A recovering mainstream economist turned renegade, I'm passionate about changing the systems that are ruining our planet.

I want to move from a society driven by profit and based on scarcity, competition and indvidualism; to one that's regenerative at its core; through cooperation, reciprocity and abundance.

I'm a neurodivergent queer mother of two, learning to unmask, unlearn and share my passions and knowledge to empower others. I want to listen, learn and build community to drive systems change from the ground up.

To embody the movement away from transactional relationships to deeper, more meaningful connections I am open to exchange inline with the gift economy. Don't let money be a barrier to collaborating and connecting with me.

Black and white image showing a woman breastfeeding her baby sitting on the floor in the Woods


Flourish Economics

Derbyshire, UK

Tel:     07969 810 334


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